Fosterplus Annual Conference | 16th May 2018

1 December, 2017

Venue: Our Dynamic Earth, 112-116 Holyrood, Edinburgh, EH8 8AS

Speaker: Professor Gillian Schofield
Secure Base in Practice

Professor Gillian Schofield is an internationally renowned social work scholar with particular expertise and impact in the field of fostering. In 2006 Gillian’s research with her colleague Mary Beek at the University of East Anglia, led to the development and publishing of the Secure Base Model of caregiving for vulnerable children. Since that time Gillian has worked tirelessly to support the implementation of this attachment based model by a broad range of professionals. The model was recommended in a UK Government White Paper as a basis for training UK foster carers and it has now also been used to support and improve foster care practice in Europe, China, Thailand and Australia.

Fosterplus Scotland – as a member of the PiCs group of companies, has been working since 2016 to implement the Secure Base Model across all aspects of the fostering task including assessing and reviewing staff and carers, assessing and developing intervention plans for children looked after and adapting a Secure Base approach to all that we do.

The conference, led by Gillian’s keynote speech, will provide participants with the opportunity to learn more about the Secure Base Model and its use in different fostering environments across the UK and internationally. The conference will also showcase practice examples of how the model has been used within the PiCs group of companies.

Who Should Attend:

Foster Carers
Adoptive Carers
Social Workers
Healthcare Workers
Managers of the above services


Foster Carers & Adoptive Parents £50 + vat (£60)
Professionals £80 + vat (£96)

If you would like to attend, please contact Lorraine White ( for a booking form or telephone 0131 241 6200


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