parent and child fostering

Parent & child fostering

What is parent & child fostering?

Parent and child fostering is all about helping a vulnerable parent to develop the confidence and skills they need to provide appropriate care to their child – while supporting local authorities to evaluate their ability to parent.

Parent and child foster parents will support an expectant mum, or a vulnerable parent and their child (usually the mother, but not always). Some may have a learning disability, which makes it hard for them to learn parenting skills. Or they may not have experienced a stable childhood themselves, which has impacted their ability to look after their own children.

Foster parents may be asked to record their observations of the young parent in foster care as well as their parenting ability. Experience shows that by supporting young parents at the start, problems in later life can be avoided – so it’s a good long-term investment.

As a foster parent for a vulnerable parent and their child, you can make a real difference to a family and their future. You will be fully trained in how to support a parent with their role as a mother (or father) and guide them to provide the best care they can to their baby.

Mother and baby foster placements normally last for around 12 weeks and tend to be quite intensive, so it’s a challenging and responsible role. To support you, we provide 24-hour assistance and plenty of specialist training (in paediatric first aid, for example), as well as the guidance of social workers and specialist care professionals who work with you to achieve positive outcomes for the parent and child in your care.

mother and baby fostering

Parent & child fostering allowance

With Fosterplus, you’ll benefit from an attractive fostering payment for every night the parent and child are in your care, together with other benefits and rewards. This package is to reward your professionalism and hard work.

Each parent will have a differing level of income to pay for things like food and clothing for their child, and you'll receive an allowance for each additional parent or child in your care too.

Is parent & child fostering right for you?

This is a specialist role and while we offer extensive training and support, you’ll need to have prior experience in fostering or professional experience working with babies in a previous role to be considered.

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