Types of fostering

Types of fostering

The different types of foster care

We offer a wide range of foster care placements to meet the varying needs of children in foster care. 

Children need fostering for many different reasons and for varying lengths of time. Some are long-term, but others only need care for a few days or weeks – sometimes just overnight. Then there are the different types of children, all presenting unique challenges. So for example, looking after a teenager is different to caring for a much younger child. All of this means that there are many different ways to foster, giving you more options and even a chance to specialise over time.

While there are some differences between the types of foster care placements in England and Scotland, here are the main ways you can foster with Fosterplus...

Short term fostering

Short-term fostering

Provides a stable family environment to a child when they're not able to stay at home. This can be for a night or two and up to two years.

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interim care

Interim care

In Scotland, children who do not have a permanence order are looked after under an interim care order, which lasts up to 2 years.

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long term fostering

Long-term fostering

Provides a stable, long-term home, often until a child turns eighteen - this is an incredibly rewarding type of fostering, offering great continuity to children.

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long term fostering pay and allowances

Permanence order

In Scotland, the local authority may apply for a permanence order for a child who won't be returning home, where they'll stay until they reach eighteen.

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respite foster care

Respite care

Caring for a child who's placed with another foster family to give them time to rest and unwind from the demanding role of a foster parent.

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emergency foster care

Emergency fostering

Caring for a child at short notice and keeping them safe until they're able to return home or a longer-term foster home is found.

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parent and child fostering

Parent and child

Having a parent and their child stay with you - often a mother and baby - and providing the parent with the crucial skills they need to bring up their child.

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Caring for siblings

We urgently need more foster parents with the time, energy and space to provide a warm, loving family environment to siblings in foster care.

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fostering disabled child

Children with disabilities

There are lots of children in care with a range of disabilities and we're looking for foster parents who can provide them with the specialist care they need.

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fostering teenagers

Fostering teenagers

There are many teenagers in care who need the love and support of a foster parent to guide them through this crucial stage of life and prepare them for adulthood.

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Sanctuary seeking fostering

Sanctuary-seeking fostering

Caring for an unaccompanied child and helping them to navigate the different language and culture, and support them with their application to stay in the UK.

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