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Our work is designed to keep fostering families together and to provide stability and certainty for everyone. We achieve this by connecting our foster parents to exceptional support – so that whatever challenge they’re facing, they know we’re there to help.

As well as exceptional training opportunities, our foster parent support package includes:

  • A dedicated social worker

    We’ll allocate you a named social worker, who’ll get to know you and be able to connect you to our services and support. They’re all fully qualified and experienced in fostering, and we make sure they’ve got realistic caseloads so they’ve got the time they need to visit you regularly and monitor how things are going. This is typically every month - more regularly if you’re new to fostering or the child is just settling into your home - although they’re available by phone or at short notice whenever you need them.

  • Online resources and out-of-hours helpline

    Our online portal holds valuable resources, including vital information which you can access 24/7. We also operate an emergency helpline, so you can reach us any time, at night or at weekends.

  • Expert matching

    The key to a successful placement lies in the suitability of the match between foster parent and child. We use a combination of experience and decision-making tools to help us get this right, and we have an excellent reputation – with a low percentage of what are called ‘unplanned endings’; so happier foster parents and better outcomes.

  • A ‘secure base’ philosophy

    We use the ‘secure base’ approach to fostering. A practical model designed to build close bonds and relationships, this helps foster parents effectively support the children or young people in their care. We provide full training to all foster parents.

  • Regular support groups

    We hold regular support groups which bring our foster parents together locally, encouraging them to share their experiences and learn from each other. We often invite external speakers along, covering topics we feel our foster parents may benefit from.

  • Events and activities

    There’s always something happening locally, from parent workshops and informal get-togethers over lunch through to charity fundraising days and trips to theatres at Christmas. This means there’s a strong informal support network you can tap into.

  • Open and transparent management

    We always welcome ideas and feedback, and our doors are always open. So if you need to talk to our management team, we’re happy to listen.

  • Free membership to FosterTalk

    These are national organisations that support fostering professionals and their families with a wide range of services, including insurance, helplines and legal and professional advice.

Feeling connected to this support gives our foster parents a huge amount of confidence.

foster carer support

Extensive training opportunities

With a massive range of training courses to choose from, we’re able to create a tailor-made programme to meet your interest and needs, all the way through your fostering career.

This means you’ll be able to continuously broaden your knowledge, develop your skills and take your career in whatever direction you want, including into specialist areas.

Foster parent training

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Everything we do is geared towards this idea of continuity, and it’s something that our foster parents experience too – with stable teams and consistent support and training.

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foster care matching process

Careful matching

Careful, considered matching is key, and over many years' experience, we've developed an outstanding reputation for quality matching and excellent outcomes for children in care.

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foster care allowance calculator

Allowance calculator

You’ll benefit from an attractive fostering payment for when a child is in your care, together with other benefits and rewards. Find out how much you could receive using our allowance calculator.

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