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Developing your skills and career in the long term

Children and young people are on a journey and we want to support them continuously. The same applies to our foster parents, making sure they have the skills and know-how to manage the situations and challenges they may face.

Training is a big part of this. When you join Fosterplus, you’ll be part of an organisation that is constantly looking to grow and develop your capabilities as a person and a foster parent.

Our training combines a blended learning experience of online e-learning, virtual courses, and face-to-face training within in our local offices, usually during school hours. Courses are generally completed in a day, but some might go over two or three – for example, Skills to Foster, your preparatory training course. They take the form of workshops and presentations, as well as discussion and practical exercises. They’re designed to be interesting and accessible to everyone and they don't involve exams or written work either.

With all of this training, we’re able to create a tailor-made package to meet your needs, interests and availability.

Skills to Foster training

During your assessment, you'll complete our 'Skills to Foster' training course where you'll learn the basics on important topics, such as child development and safeguarding, and gain a real insight into the role.

You’ll also have an opportunity to talk to some of our foster parents, so you can learn about their experiences first-hand.

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Core training modules

Once you become an approved foster parent, you’ll work through a series of key training modules over your first year or two. In addition to key aspects of child behaviour and psychology, our training courses cover vital topics that all foster parents need to know, including;

  • First aid
  • Safer Caring
  • Health & Safety
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Protecting Rights in a Caring Environment (PRICE)
  • Medication & Health Care

You’ll also learn more about the Secure Base model, which gives you a practical framework for fostering and helps you build strong relationships with the children and young people in your care.

Specialist training

As well as our core modules, we have a huge programme of training courses that are available to you, as and when you want to attend. These tend to cover very specific topics, such as;

  • Disability Awareness
  • Online Safety
  • Managing Stress & Anxiety
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Neurodiversity

Some foster parents will want to attend these because they’re relevant to a child currently in their care. Others because they’re simply interested and want to develop specialist knowledge or skills. Either way, you’re welcome to come along to as many as you want. They all help build your understanding and develop your career.

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foster carer support

Support for the family

With Fosterplus, you'll be connected to the support you need 24/7/365. This ranges from a dedicated social worker, regular support groups, direct access to Fosterplus management and an out of hours service.

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foster care matching process

Careful matching

Careful, considered matching is key, and over many years' experience, we've developed an outstanding reputation for quality matching and excellent outcomes for children in care.

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foster care allowance calculator

Allowance calculator

You’ll benefit from an attractive fostering payment for when a child is in your care, together with other benefits and rewards. Find out how much you could receive using our allowance calculator.

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