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Six benefits of fostering

When you become a foster parent, you step into a whole new way of life - one that’s deeply rewarding, but equally challenging. It will test your patience and energy, but also bring you many amazing moments that will live with you forever. It’s a big decision, but the rewards are big too.

1. You’ll change a child’s life

The work that you do helps change the futures of vulnerable children. You’ll encourage them, support them and teach them life skills and giving them opportunities they might not otherwise have had. It might take time, and might be hard work, but you’ll watch them grow and develop into more confident people – and that’s a truly rewarding experience that few other careers could ever give you. The work is quite literally, life-changing for everyone.

2. You’ll make bonds that last a lifetime

For many children in care, the relationships they form with their foster parents are deep, important and long-lasting, and they don’t forget! Many stay in touch with their foster parents long after they’ve left their homes. It’s not unusual for foster parents to be invited to their weddings for example, so it’s clear that the emotional bonds are powerful. It’s a very special and emotional feeling.

3. You’ll be performing a valuable job – for children and your community

Fostering is important – not just for children, but for the wider community as it makes a real contribution to creating a kind and better society. How many jobs do that?

4. Your own family will benefit

Foster parents with children of their own often tell us that fostering has been a rewarding experience for their family. Sharing lives with others gives children new friends and valuable insight and lessons for life. It’s not something you undertake lightly, but it can be extremely worthwhile for everyone.

5. You’ll learn new skills

The more you foster, the more you learn – about children, behaviour, life and yourself. Some of this will just happen naturally as you go about the work, but there’s plenty of training too. Covering everything from psychology and behaviour to first aid and diversity and inclusion in foster care, you’ll find yourself growing in knowledge, understanding and confidence. You’ll develop as a person, as well as a foster parent.

6. You’ll make new friends

Once you become a foster parent, you’ll be invited to loads of local Fosterplus events where you’ll connect with other families and build up a new network of friends. The fact they’re experiencing the same challenges and rewards as you is a great source of comfort and support.

what are the benefits of fostering a child

Financial rewards

You’re probably not interested in fostering because of the allowance you receive, but it’s important to know when you’re thinking about whether you’d be able to foster.

With Fosterplus, you’ll receive a generous weekly fostering allowance that covers the cost of a child and provides you with a professional fee for the time and effort you put into what is, after all, a full-time career. You’ll also benefit from tax relief which helps a little more too.

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