fostering allowance

Fostering allowance

How much are foster parents paid?

We offer a generous fostering allowance and benefits package to our foster parents to cover the cost of caring for children and reward them with a professional fee for their hard work and dedication.

Once you’re approved with Fosterplus and have a child placed with you, you’ll receive a fostering allowance that’s normally between £19,000 and £26,000 per child, per year. The fostering allowance is generally tax-free for most foster parents and does not affect any benefits you receive.

Fostering allowance calculator

Find out how much you could receive as a foster parent with Fosterplus. 

Foster care pay examples

Jodie lives in England and has been fostering for more than 1 year. She cares for a young boy, aged seven, and receives £378.71 per week.

James and Duncan live in Scotland and care for a twelve-year-old with complex needs. They receive £508.06 per week.

Raifa is an experienced foster parent who lives in England and cares for 2 brothers, aged 9 and 14. She receives £808.79 per week.

foster carer pay

What does the foster parent pay cover?

Foster parents receive a weekly allowance from their local authority or independent fostering agency. This allowance is split into two parts – the child’s allowance and your professional payment.

Child allowance

The first part of the fostering allowance is to cover the cost of the child or young person in your care, paying for things like drink, food, clothing, activities and hobbies, pocket money and more.

A professional fee

The second part is a professional fee that rewards you for your hard work and dedication in your role as a foster parent whilst you have a child in placement. Foster parents are a vital support for children in care and it’s important that your work is recognised as a career and you’re remunerated accordingly, so you can continue making an extraordinary difference to children.

fostering allowance and benefits

Our benefits

As we’re part of a larger community of fostering and children’s service brands, you’ll also benefit from our discount and rewards platform, The Exchange, where you can find hundreds of discounts for family days out, shops, restaurants and more. This in addition to your fostering pay.

You’ll also have the opportunity to earn money for successfully recommending friends and family to Fosterplus through our exclusive Refer-a-Friend scheme.

Great rewards and benefits for foster parents

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If you're caring for one child and have no other income, your fostering allowance is generally completely tax-free due to specialist tax rules granted by HMRC.

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National Insurance

As income from fostering is generally tax-free, you shouldn't need to pay National Insurance. You may wish to make voluntary contributions to secure state benefits.

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The allowance you receive from fostering isn't counted towards your eligibility for means-tested benefits and so you should still be able to claim them.

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Foster care pay summary

We know there’s a lot of information to take in, so here’s a summary of some of the most important things to remember about foster parent pay…

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