The Magical Adventure Of Sprite

A Children's Guide to Foster Care

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Hi, my name is Sprite and I will be helping you find out about what foster care means - I have already had the same experiences that you are having now and promise that like me, you will be just fine.

Foster care means that sometimes, if you’ve had a hard time at home, a social worker will help to find you a foster home and family who will shelter you and look after you with a kind friendly smile.

A Little about Me
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Once upon a time in the big wide world, there were some children who were having a bit of a hard time at home.

To make sure these children could feel safe and happy, there were people called social workers, who would help to find the children a safe, new home to live.

This story is about Sprite, who is one of these children, and his story will help you to understand what foster care means.

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One day Sprite met his new social worker and he told Sprite that they would be able to find a new home for him with wonderful, smiley and joyful people who would look after him.

Sprite‘s social worker also said that he should never feel alone, as they would always be around to listen and help and that Sprite‘s foster carers would always try their best to make him feel safe and happy.

Sprite wanted to know more so he bravely asked the grown-ups to explain things and they did.

The social worker explained that Sprite would go and live with a foster family, because he couldn’t stay with his own parents at the moment.

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This was a bit scary as Sprite didn’t know what a foster carer was as no one had explained this to him.

So Sprite’s social worker explained that some foster carers are married and some are not, some foster carers have children and some don’t, but the most important thing for Sprite to remember was that all foster carers were lovely people who liked to help children like Sprite by looking after them, for as long as they needed.

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Sprite‘s social worker told him to imagine that a big circle of friends were all holding hands together and no one’s hands would ever let go.

Within this circle is Sprite holding hands with their foster carer on one side and their social worker on the other side.

The social worker then told Sprite that also in this circle there could be teachers, doctors, the social worker’s boss and maybe some people from Social Services.

The social worker told Sprite that all of these people work together holding hands in a big circle of support to help keep him safe, warm and happy.

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The social worker also explained that sometimes Sprite might have visits from the social workers to see how he is getting on in his new foster home.

At other times, all of the people within the circle would have a meeting to discuss how Sprite was feeling and they would always ask him what his thoughts and feelings were and what he wanted to do.

Sprite felt sad to leave his family, but found when he got to the foster carer’s home that it was warm, clean, dry and safe. His new foster family made him feel part of their family and cared for him just as much!

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The social worker introduced Sprite to his foster carers. They smiled and told Sprite that they were pleased to meet him and hoped he would be very happy with them. They explained that they would do everything they could to make him feel comfortable and happy whilst he was with them.

They showed him to his new bedroom. His room was lovely and cosy, with a big comfy bed.

Sprite was even allowed to put his own pictures up on the wall!

Sprite ‘s foster family understands how difficult it can be to be in foster care and wants Sprite to know that he can talk to them whenever he likes about how he feels and anything he is worried about.

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The next day, Sprite was taken to school by his foster carer. Sprite enjoyed school and got to make lots of new friends.

When Sprite came home from school he was able to watch his favourite television programme, and his foster carer made him his favourite food for dinner.

It was a bit strange at first to sleep in a different bed, but Sprite started thinking about all the many different hands that were holding his such as, the foster carer’s, the social worker’s and all the other people that Sprite‘s social worker had told him about. Sprite felt safe and knew that he was cared for.

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Sprite soon drifted off to sleep, to dream of new adventures and happy times, knowing that he would not have any trouble anymore because his foster carers had made him feel part of their family and would never stop caring.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far and that this book has helped you understand fostering.

Now it’s time for you to have some fun and enjoy your new adventure!

Thank you