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Internet & Mobile Safety

Nowadays, our mobile phones and the internet play a huge part in our lives. They can offer many exciting benefits and opportunities - however, it is more important than ever to make sure we are safe online. This guide will offer some tips for keeping safe, but if you have any questions or are concerned about anything, then please speak to your foster parent or social worker.

Top tips for online safety

1.  You must be over the age of 13 to have a Facebook account.

2.  Never share your password with anyone!

3.  Do not give out any personal information about yourself, your family or friends on the internet or social media.

4.  Do not open an email that looks suspicious - it could be a virus.

5.  Never send pictures or post inappropriate photos of yourself to anyone, including on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat - Once a photo is out there it is hard to take it back.

6.  Never agree to meet anyone online in person without your foster parent’s knowledge – and NEVER meet anyone on your own, always go with a trusted adult.

7.  Always tell your foster parent or social worker if you see anything on the internet that makes you feel uncomfortable, or if someone on the internet harasses or threatens you.

You can use the ‘Report’ link if you see something on Facebook that you do not like – Facebook will review it and take appropriate action.

You can click ‘Block this person’ if someone is saying things you don’t like. This means they can no longer find you in searches on Facebook, they cannot view your profile or contact you. These people will not know that you have blocked them.

8.  Make sure you edit the Privacy Settings on your social media account so that only your friends can see your profile and information you post. It is important to check from time to time that your profile is protected.

9.  If you see an unwanted photo of yourself online, you can click on ‘Remove Tag’ so that this photo will no longer be linked to your profile.

You can only be tagged in photos by your friends, so if you are having trouble with someone who keeps tagging you in unwanted photos, remove them as a friend.

10.  Using the internet and social media will always have its risks, but if you are unsure about anything speak to your foster parent or social worker.

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