Joke of the Month

Why do bicycles fall over?
Because they’re two-tired!

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Colouring In

Here are some colouring in templates and puzzles for you to get creative with. Once you’re done, send us the finished masterpiece and we’ll show it off on the Kids Zone!

Colour by letters – Dinosaur 
Connect the dots – Fish 
Connect the dots – Ribbon

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Want a story to read? Click on the link to download one of these.

Beauty and the Beast
The Talkative Tortoise
Anansi and the Yam Hills

The Kids Zone Blog

The Kids Zone blog is a chance for you to share your stories and feelings with your fellow peers. Blogs are written anonymously so there’s no need to worry that people will know where the stories are coming from.



Have a go at our quiz.

  1. In the film Frozen, what sort of animal is Sven?
    1. Deer
    2. Elk
    3. Reindeer
  2. Which of the following is not the first name of a One Direction band member?
    1. Harry
    2. Zayne
    3. Neil
  3. In Harry Potter, what animal is the symbol of the house Hufflepuff?
    1. Deer
    2. Badger
    3. Raven
  4. Which country won the 2014 world cup?
    1. Germany
    2. Argentina
    3. Brazil
  5. In Ben 10, what’s Upchuck’s super power?
    1. Heightened sense of smell
    2. Four long, sticky tongues
    3. Ability to fly