It’s our mission to: 

  • Provide positive & stable family environments for the children and young people placed with our carers.
  • Ensure that with the support of our carers they can thrive emotionally and academically.
  • Be the IFA of choice for Foster Carers  & commissioners in the UK.

Everything we do is focused on ensuring we can give children and young people the chance to live in a family where they’re valued, encouraged and given exactly the support they need to reach their full potential. Protecting them at all times from abuse and neglect, we aim to help them build their confidence in a family where they can really feel at home.

We bring together social workers, education, health and support professionals to provide holistic care for all of the children and young people we place. We work to create innovative types of foster care that lead the way in the sector – and help every child reach his or her potential.

We provide support 24/7 for our foster families. It’s our aim to be responsive to the needs of every child, and every carer in those families. It’s vital to us that every one of them has a voice. The high-quality training, support services and rewards we offer make sure everyone who fosters for us has the resources they need to rise to the challenge. What’s more, we work hard to develop networks between foster families that will strengthen everyone in our fostering community.

We have rigorous quality assurance processes, which not only meet the standards of Ofsted commissioning teams and placing authorities, but also create a culture where children can develop relationships of genuine trust with their carers and our staff. From self-evaluation surveys and questionnaires, to unannounced monitoring visits and target audits, we make sure we’re evaluating our services carefully, and using the information to create a cycle of continuous improvement.