Monthly Archives: May 2015

A Windy Weekend in Dunbar…

19 May, 2015

The Fosterplus Edinburgh Team visited the windy, but sunny, town of Dunbar on Saturday and Sunday this weekend and set up our information stall at The Store just off the A1.  It was a team effort with Chrissie,Supervising Social Worker, Ilene, Service Manager and Susan, our Recruitment Officer – we even had one of our superb Foster […]

Staying Put – Before and After legislation came into effect.

15 May, 2015

The uncertain life of a young person before Staying Put Following years of campaigning and trialling ‘Staying Put’ in local authorities, young people in foster care are no longer forced to leave their foster homes at eighteen. Prior to the enactment of the Staying Put legislation, it was a requirement for young people aged 18 […]

Social Work Assistant Question Time

7 May, 2015

Congratulations to Sophie H, aged 12, who has won our competition for the best question to ask our new Social Work Assistant who has just started working in our South Milton Keynes office.

Horsing around…

6 May, 2015

The story begins with one of our carer’s Denise. Denise cares for three lovely Children all of whom are blossoming under her care together with their Fosterplus Social Worker. Denise is also actively involved in the Glenbrae Riding Club and asked Fosterplus if we would like to be a part of their Annual Show. Fosterplus Children are now […]